What is ClickBank? How to earn awesome money from ClickBank?

Want to earn money online from ClickBank? Over 200 million customers visit this platform to make it more lucrative for both vendors and affiliates. Let’s begin with the basics.  

ClickBank is an e-commerce website that provides an interface between vendors (person selling the product) and affiliate marketers( person who promotes the product to consumers). It is a prominent online retailer with an indigenous affiliate marketplace. Amazingly, it has 276 different product categories with 21562 product listing. 

How to make money?

Primarily, there are two ways to earn through ClickBank:-

  1.  Be a vendor:- ClickBank provides you a platform to add your product to the website. It controls the marketing of the product, taking  7.5% of the sales with an additional buck. Moreover, If you want to become a vendor in ClickBank, you have to pay $49.95 as a one-time activation fee and $2.5 as a payment processing fee. It allows refunds with some nominal charge. (up to $1)
  2.  Be an affiliate:- People can earn more than $1000 per day from ClickBank by becoming a traffic luring affiliate. For each product, ClickBank provides a hop link. If you want to be an affiliate, all you need to do is sign up with a nickname. Select the product you want to promote shrewdly and use the hop link. Once a consumer buys the product from your affiliate link, you’ll be rewarded with certain referral fees.    

Just follow these easy steps to get started

STEP 1:-

Go to ClickBank.com. On the home page, click on the sign-up option on the top corner.

STEP 2:-

Fill up the entries precisely. Create a strong password and agree on terms and conditions to get going. 


STEP 3:-

Click on join ClickBank. After this, you have to complete your profile by adding your name, email, etc. You will be asked to fill in the payee name and Tax ID right before you save your profile.

STEP 4:-

Click on the accounts tab on the vertical navigation on the left side of the screen. You will be directed to a page where you can create a nickname. Click on create account on the right side of the page where you have made your nickname. 

STEP 5:-

On the same page, click over the nickname you have just created. It will usher you to the operation portion of ClickBank. It will ask you to get a tutorial, which you are recommended to skip. Subsequently,  you have to do click on account settings at the top navigation bar. Locate the payment information box and click edit in the upper right corner. You will reach the payment information editor page where you can update payment settings.

Thereafter, you will be eligible to continue your journey in ClickBank as an affiliate.  Just go to the market place and start searching for suitable products.

How to select the right product?

Amidst thousands of products floating on ClickBank, you should choose products that yield maximum profit. Before going further, you must know some terms used in ClickBank. 

  1. Gravity:- It’s a unit to measure the total number of affiliates selling a particular product. Precisely, it is the number of affiliates who sold out a specific product in the past 12 weeks. It is updated on daily basis.
  2. Average $/ conversion:- The price displayed above promotes the button is not the actual amount you get after one sale. It’s an average commission an affiliate earns including initial sales, upsells, and rebills.
  3.  Initial $/ conversion:– It is the amount of money an affiliate earns from the first sale. The amount does not count rebills. 
  4. Recurring $/rebill:-  If the product makes consumers pay over time, the affiliate receives a rebill commission denoted by Recurring $/rebill. 

Now you are familiar with the basic terminology, consider these points when you select a product:-

1. Choose a product from the first page:- If you have just started with ClickBank, popular products are recommended. Leave the search engine empty in the marketplace and hit the search button. The products that pop up will be sorted on popularity. Try one of them for promotion. Similarly, whenever you select a particular category, health, for instance, products will come according to their popularity.

2.  Gravity should be over 50:- Higher the gravity, hotter the product. A lot of affiliates have sold out a particular product in recent weeks. Also, higher gravity can mean more competition. So instead of going for peak gravity products, go for average ones where gravity > 50.

3.The product must be relatable to your niche:- Suppose you write blogs on health and fitness. Then your product should be a  flat belly tonic or diet plans or likewise. The products you promote should revolve around the content you share.

4. Recurring products are recommended:- If customers pay a monthly fee, you’ll get your commission multiple times. Try to capture products that cost recurring money from the customers. As a result, you’ll get money as long as the customer uses the product.

5. Don’t scare away your customers with unattractive hop link:- When you click on to promote, you’ll be asked tracking Id and nickname. Subsequently, the affiliate link will be generated that looks quite unpleasant. This might make your customers lose trust in your affiliate product. Therefore, use a URL shortener like bit.ly to make your link attractive. 

Super benefits

  • It provides cool commission rates up to 75%. The affiliates get a satisfactory incentive to promote the products.
  •  It provides an option for users to be either a vendor or an affiliate. This dual nature helps one category to increase sales while generating a referral fee for others. 
  • The product domain is vast. There are many options for an affiliate to quick off the mark.

Certain cons

  • ClickBank charges a penalty for no sales after a significant time. $1 per day after 90 days of no sales, $5 per day after 180 days of no sales, and $50 per day after a year of no sales.
  • There are low-quality products required to filter out. Some vendors add poor products that are unworthy to advertise. For such products, email the vendor to collect more information.

Hence, ClickBank is a lucrative platform to earn along with advertising. Being one of the leading affiliate networks for over 19 years, it has gained popularity among digital marketers. So what are you waiting for? Break a leg!

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