What is affiliate marketing? How do affiliate marketers earn?

Affiliate marketing is the involvement of third-party between the consumer and the producer. Primarily, the intent is to drive more customers and generate more sales. An affiliate marketer is a third party who has access to the traffic of more people. They regularly visit the marketer’s website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram page. Moreover, affiliate marketing involves making emails as well. The marketer advertises the product to the traffic with the help of affiliate links/banner ads. Customers land upon the page that allows them to buy the product. Affiliate marketers with significant traffic escalate sales of the product by widening its reach to more and more consumers. Also, various affiliate marketing books have been written by experts to help others master this technique of online earning. 

The procedure to earn

Once a consumer uses the affiliate link/ad, the marketer gets referral fees. In fact, it could vary from 5 to 10% of the product’s cost. Four ways can be selected for the payment:-

1. Cost per click:-

Payment occurs whenever the customer clicks the affiliate link.

2. Cost per action:-

Payment occurs when the customer lands on the page and performs certain actions. Registration or subscribe to the newsletter, for instance.

3. Cost per thousand impressions:-

The total number of views of an ad/link means impressions. In this case, payment occurs per thousand impressions (views).

4. Cost per sale:-

Income generates only when the customer buys the product through the link. More number of sales simply means more commission.

Key advantages of Affiliate marketing


1. Flexible schedule:- No time restrictions present.

2.Fine income:- It can range from $300 per day to an appreciable $3000 per day.

3. No team requirement:- No need to hire others.

4. Zero investment:- No initial input money is required.

5 easy steps to begin your journey as an affiliate marketer

In case you decide to be an affiliate marketer, start from basics. Therefore, Step by step procedure will be very helpful:-

1. Select your niche:-

Firstly, search out genres in which you are genuinely interested. Secondly, check out the number and price of products related to the niche. A micro-niche with less competition is highly suggested. For instance, if health is the niche, then try for mom-health.

2. Choose a platform:-

You have to select a platform to lure traffic. There are various ways to do so like a blog (Write an article on your niche and post on your website), YouTube (Create a channel of your topic. Then post videos regularly), or social media. (Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter, etc)

3. Create content relatable to the affiliate product:-

The YouTube channel or the blog should have content that drives traffic to click affiliate links. For example, a blog related to smartphone reviews can inspire traffic to purchase them. Affiliate links can help them to quickly buy the smartphone. It ultimately increases your income.

4. Join affiliate programs:-

Certain programs provide product links that you can put on your website. Amazon affiliates, Clickbank, and CJ affiliate are the most recommended.

5. Drive traffic:-

Importantly, driving more and more traffic is the key factor that determines the number of sales. The best method for ranking your article/ video on Google or YouTube is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Additionally, paid ads and email marketing help for more number of visitors.

Affiliate marketing is booming every day. In fact, businessmen across the globe are earning huge profits by this method of promotion. It’s an easy way to earn part-time money with the least hustle.

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