How to make money online from Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)?

Before briefing about Amazon Mturk, let me ask you something. What do you do in your leisure time? Netflix, video games, social media. That’s okay. But do you know how to make money online just by doing easy tasks in 10 to 15 minutes?

If your answer is no, then you should know about Amazon Mechanical Turk.

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What is Amazon Mturk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk, better known as Mturk, is an online marketplace where thousands of easy to do tasks are available. The tasks can be identifying objects in an image or video, deleting useless data, simple research work, or transcribing audios.

Basically, it’s a crowdsourcing website where people, known as requestors, hire workers to accomplish on-demand tasks.

All these tasks can be performed more efficiently by humans compared to computers. As the time required to finish a task is less, it allows you to make money in your spare time! 

An easy way to make money online!

Amazon MTurk sign up

Search for Amazon Mechanical Turk on your browser. As soon as you click on the website, you’d be directed to a page as shown below.
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1. Click on ‘Get started with Amazon Mechanical Turk’.

2. On this platform, either you provide tasks to workers or you become a worker. For now, you choose the latter and click on ‘Create a worker account’

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3. Sign in with your Amazon account. In case you don’t have one, create a new account.

4. Now, you have to fill in your basic details for registration as a worker. This includes country, address, name, etc.

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5. Amazon will review your account for a while before sending an email accepting the registration request. Thus,  you can create a worker account at MTurk.

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Remember this as an Amazon Mturk worker

1. In MTurk, they refer to a task as HIT (Human Intelligence Task). HITs are performed virtually and the worker gets rewards after completion.

2. On the HITs page shown below, there are numerous tasks that you’re qualified to work on. Simply click the ‘Accept and work‘ button next to the HIT of your choice.  Finish it as per the requestor’s instructions and press the ‘Submit HIT’ button.

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3. Don’t forget to submit at the desired time. The timer is visible to the worker. Once the timer reaches its peak, the HIT becomes available for other workers to accept and work on.

4. Once the Requestor approves the task you have submitted, you will be able to see your rewards on the dashboard and earning pages. Mturk pays you in US dollars or Amazon gift cards. If requestors are impressed by your work, they will grant you bonuses.

5. For a worker who has recently signed up in MTurk, rewards are held for a minimum of 10 days. After that, you’re free to transfer funds from your earning balance. However, it limits us to one transfer per calendar day.

6. Mturk recommends securing your computer with virus protection software as you perform the online task under the requestor, not Amazon. I’d recommend McAfee Total Protection which automatically detects and removes viruses, Trojans, and malware.

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Mturk master-worker

The workers who constantly work on different HITs and secure good Requestor based and marketplace data points get promotion to Mturk master-worker. This is a top worker position in MTurk. If you work persistently on a significant amount of HITs, you’d find yourself under this category.

You cannot apply for this stance. They’ll select you according to your performance. 

Remember that if your performance declines, you can lose the crown of the MTurk master worker. However, you can always regain your position by improving your score.

Wish you luck on your Mturk journey!

Amazon Mturk is one of the finest ways for you to grow your pocket money with the least time input. Giving it a shot in your spare time wouldn’t be the worst.

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