Are you an employed person who wants to make more money but your job does not leave enough time for you to try for alternatives? Or you’re just a student looking for some part-time bucks with the least input of energy and time. Then here’s an option that could have you good money without much hustling or time-consumption. All you need to do is eat and let others feel the sensation of it.


ASMR,  Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, that’s a kind of relaxing and calming feeling embraced by a person escorted by a gentle tingling sensation that courses through the brain, head, neck, and spine.

It occurs when a person responds to certain triggers like listening to a whisper, repetitive sounds of tapping, a certain type of music, or the intonation of exhaling and inhaling breath. People most often tend to get this tingling sensation from audio or video mode. ASMR makes a person cheer up and a lot of YouTubers across the globe are practicing on various sub-genres of ASMR to give a pleasing feeling to their viewers. One of the genres, and the most prominent one, is a food eating ASMR.



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Biting, chewing, slurping, and gulping sounds produced by a person while eating food is highly tempting. It triggers a lust for the viewer to eat the food and escalates craving. In food eating ASMR channels, YouTubers eat numerous varieties of food including Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, and so on. They record the video at their lunch or dinner, which implies they do not spend extra time on this. Once the recording gets complete, they upload the video, and people hounding for relaxing tingling sensation watch it.

But how to earn out of it? If you create a food eating ASMR channel, people will watch you. They will subscribe to your channel and if the content is highly intriguing, the number of views climbs to a level where your channel gets monetized. By continuously uploading one or two videos per week, your channel can sustain with earnings rising laboriously.


Image Source – YouTube

Companies are always ardent to promote their product and YouTube provides a key platform to do so. Google receives advertisements from such companies and relays them to the YouTubers. The YouTuber, provided with 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on the channel, gets a 45 % share of the total revenue generated, and thus it goes to his/her Google Ad-Sense account. Not just from advertisements, but from affiliated links and sponsorships of products could widely boast a YouTuber’s income. With this category of videos that do not involve too much brain-racking, earning money is quite easy.


Do you know, Zach Choi summoned over 800k subscribers just after four months of making ASMR videos! All you need to do is to quick off the mark with a binaural microphone and camera(You can start from your smartphone as well). Bijan, an  Indian YouTuber, had drawn millions of views on his channel but when he started, the budget was nominal and he recorded videos on his phone camera. People liked his content and his channel flourished. Whatever money he made initially, he invested it to buy more exclusive accessories. Bijan’s channel has crossed 350k subscribers and his annual income crosses over 200 USD. If one works persistently, this method will surely make a difference.


Is it unprecedented? Of course not. Here’s a list of successful Food-ASMR YouTubers who earn a huge amount by making food eating videos:-



Monthly earnings



Zach Choi ASMR

9.74 M


$171k -2.7M


8.84 M

$9.8k -$156.9k

$117.6k – $1.9M


1.95 M

$3.7k – $59.1k

$44.3k – $709k

Spice ASMR

803 k

$7.3k- $116.9k

$87.7k – $1.4M

Image Source – YouTube

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