7 best online earning methods for students that you can not overlook

The best thing to do to earn part-time money as a student is to go for online jobs that have been rapidly booming nowadays. If the student gets better-off with the job, he/she could choose it as a full-time online money-earning career. It’s not very tough, neither easy like eat and earn. Here are the top 7 best online jobs that a student could choose for career growth and success:-

1. Online Teaching

With the growing digital world where every profession is surfing online, students all across the world can share the knowledge of their respective fields of expertise via online video streaming platforms like Youtube ( most sought after). Students can record a video explaining a particular topic of their selected subject and upload it on Youtube. As views and subscribers increases, payment gets relayed to them. They can also make their own video streaming website by WordPress and conduct live classes. As the traffic on the website increases, passive income will be generated. Other than these, some online educational platforms are available looking for keen tutors.

  • Udemy:-It is a platform where students are provided with various online courses in multiple languages. These courses are made by over 57k tutors who get paid for them. We have to select a topic, prepare lecture plans on word processors like Google Docs, and record videos to become a paid tutor on Udemy.
  • Chegg:- It is a digital platform for online teaching and homework help. Questions are posted on the website from people across the globe. Members of the QA board answer the doubts as per the guidelines of Chegg and are paid for it.
  • Italki and Cambly:- These are online language learning platforms where thousands of people learn different languages, primarily English. Cambly pays $10.20 per hour for a lesson and Italki has similar payout ranges.
  • Academy
  • Byju’s
  • Skillshare

2.Freelance writing

Freelance workers are those who do not work under the authority of an official superior. They are self-employed and provide services to other organizations not necessarily for the long term. Freelance writing involves writing content, primarily articles, for another person/firm. One can start it for free at the initial level, develop skills, and then charge significant money for each word written. There are various ways to be a freelance writer:-

  • Web content writer:- Most often web developers do not have good writing skills as well. Consequently. they look for content writers who could write SEO-friendly for them on topics like entertainment, sports, news, lifestyle, etc. Each writer is provided with a specific deadline in most cases for the payout.
  • Fiction writer:- Many students have a hobby of writing short stories, novellas, and poems. Bundling up the contents, one could publish them in the form of e-books on Amazon Kindle, BookRix, Apple Books, and Smashwords.
  • Technical writer:- This group of writers covers the technical aspects of information which are procedure manuals, design specifications, project plans, and test plans.
  • Business writer:- This category includes those who make business proposals, advertisements, and reports.
  • Copywriter:- It’s a type of writing which induces an urge to the reader to take action. It could be buying a product, sign up in the newsletter, registering, and so on. It demands a rhetorical way that could inspire the reader/customer to execute the required task.

3. Virtual assistant



Sometimes we provide help as an assistant to an organization/person remotely from a far-flung location in online mode. This is the job a virtual assistant is obliged to perform. People hire a virtual assistant who is adept in genres like social media, web development, blogging, internet marketing, or graphic designing. In this growing world of technology, one can easily assist people online from his home and earn part-time money out of it. There are several notable virtual assistants:-

  • Pinterest manager:-  People do not have to work a lot, on an average of 10-15 hours per month. Pinterest is a platform where people come to gather information primarily through images. All you need to do is learn about Pinterest through ebook or free courses and assist others on how to drive traffic and make sales.
  • Email manager:- Email marketing has been escalating to generate more traffic as information about the content/product reaches each person by Email. The Email manager takes care that the list of Emails and relays every new update about the company to consumers/business partners. 
  • Social media manager:- It’s a key factor for companies to manage their social media accounts, which creates the need for a social media expert who could operate those accounts professionally.

4. Typing jobs

Wherever we apply for a job, some skills are always required. But typing is a flair we all are blessed with. Online typing jobs are really helpful for those who do not have time to learn some new skills. Companies assign you a document to be typed precisely with time restrictions and you will be paid for each word. (Keep the rates low, to begin with). Here are some genuine sites where you can apply for typing jobs. You have to create your account here, specify your typing skills and customers looking for freelance typer will hire you.

5.Meme marketing


When humor blends with an advertisement, the mindset of people get swayed easily. Memes are trending nowadays either to criticize or to mock anyone. But Instagram pages get paid for posting memes relatable to brands, which is a kind of promotion. Netflix makes memes of their own content instead of others in a specific account named Netflixisajoke. Meme marketing is one of the latest and enjoyable method to earn online. One can embark on by doing as follows:-
  1. Make an Instagram account (Business profile) devoted to posting funny/informative memes with an enlightening bio.
  2. Post regularly and develop a fanbase with significant followers.
  3. Visit websites of the brands, get their mail, and send them proposals. Another way is to register for websites providing brand deals like GOsnap, Quantum Sponsor, and Chamboost.

6. Blogging

All the articles that pop up whenever we search for something over the internet is a result of blogging. Bloggers, with different niches, keep on posting informative blogs on their website and earn-out through ads and affiliate links. People have generated thousands of dollars in a month through this method of online part-time earning and many of them have left their day job to focus completely on their blog posts. Here are the basics to start a blog:-

  1. Select your niche of writing, log in to content management sites like WordPress or Blogger, and then create your blog.
  2. Purchase a domain name from sites like Godaddy and NameCheap. If you want to have free hosting at the start, try Blogger. You can buy hosting as well from Hostinger or Hostgator
  3.  Once your website is ready, download a responsive template and customize your blog to look professional.
  4. Upload SEO-friendly articles on your niche on regular basis to rank your blog. More traffic on your blog will help you for getting quick approval for Google Adsense for generating income. 

7. Affiliate Marketing 

One of the most prominent ways to earn money online is to provide affiliate links of a product to customers. Whenever a new product is launched, maximum sales are coveted. To do so, the advertisement for the product must reach as many customers as possible. Therefore, companies share the links of their product to the affiliate marketers who have access to significant traffic via blog, website, social media, or YouTube. When customers click on the links and buy the products, the affiliate marketer gets referral fees or commission which adds up to his /her earning. People across the globe have earned millions of dollars through affiliate marketing and are still doing it. You can quick off the mark too:-

  1. Amazon Associates:- Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website in the contemporary world. Amazon provides an option for us to become its affiliate. You have to sign up for Amazon associates and add the URL of your blog/website/YouTube channel.  From there, you can generate affiliate links of any product and share them with your audience.
  2. Clickbank:- It is also an e-commerce website especially for digital marketers and digital content creators. Apart from selling your own product, you can become an affiliate on ClickBank and promote over 4000 products to earn some part-time bucks.
  3. CJ Affiliate:-  It’s also an affiliate market place where you can make an account and select an advertiser suitable for your blog.


‘If you believe in what you are doing, then let nothing hold you up in the work. Much of the best work of the world has been done against seeming impossibilities. The thing is to get the work done.’ 
Dale Carnegie

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