Top 10 mind numbing ways to make money from photography

So you want to make money from photography?

Many people across the globe love to learn photography and earn from photos. You can get a significant payout from your hobby of photography. Not just part-time income, people have chosen it as a day job too.

Major styles in photography - Which one suits you?

Before we see different ways to earn, let’s check how many types of photography are there and which one is lucrative for your money-making photography career.

1. Portrait photography:- In this type, a photographer aims to capture a picture of a person/ group. The picture depicts the emotions, mood, and personality of the individual or group. Lightening effects and adorable backdrops add up to the beauty of the photo. This type of photography is highly prominent since people are fond of getting portrayed.

2. Landscape photography:- When we see wallpapers of smartphones or computers, we often find high-resolution photographs of mountains. sunset, lakes, waterfall, etc. These are products of Landscape photography. It is snapping the outside world, particularly nature, that could seem as if the viewer is inside the picture.

3. Fashion photography:- It is a style in which fashion accessories are captured in a way that could entice the consumers. The pictures of models dressed in fashionable clothes are later used in advertising the brand. Being a lucrative style for photographers, it demands skillful adepts who can take professionally acceptable photographs.

4. Architectural photography:- The images of great monuments, castles, bridges, barns, factories, churches, mausoleums, and all other buildings are considered under this style of photography.

5. Sports photography:-  It is another kind of photography that focuses on the promotion of a sport or advertisement of a brand. It involves clicking pictures of athletes, referees, umpires, crowds of a sport along with all the precious moments ( fans reaction, for instance) occurring in it.

6. Event photography:- You have seen photographers at birthday parties, functions, inaugurations, and weddings. Any major event in our society demands a photographer who could capture those moments. Sometimes, more than one photographer is required for a single event.

10 awesome ways to make money from photography

Make money from your photos!

1. Sell your photos on stock websites:-

Stock photos are images purchased by designers for their projects without paying any commission to the photographers. It’s cheaper to get stock photos as compared to paying large sums of money straight to the photographers. Some websites provide a platform for photographers to sell their stock images. Some of these photos are available for free, while others charge a few bucks. Also, photographers get some percentage of the sale of his image on the stock websites. The point to remember is that the total number of photos uploaded should be high as the commission is low. With that out of the way, let’s see some of the best sites to make money from photos

  1. Shutterstock:- With innovative tools and precise content, Shutterstock has 1000,000 contributors who provide 200,000 images every day. At present, Shutterstock has over 300 million stock images uploaded by photographers across the world.  Images are assigned with keywords. People search for keywords, and images display accordingly.
  2. Pexels:- It has high resolution and completely free stock photos licensed under the Pexels license. All pictures uploaded here are well tagged and discoverable. Their photo database contains free images only.
  3. Pixabay:- Pixabay has copyright-free images for the usage of creatives. Contents are released under the Pixabay license, making it safe to use for the users without asking for the photographer’s permission.
  4. Unsplash:- A wide community of over 200k photographers provides over 2 million high-quality images. Again, a user can use images anyway he wants as they are under Unsplash license.
  5. Getty Images:- With its advanced search and image recognition technology, Getty Images serves business customers in more than 100 nations. Getty Images has one of the finest photographers who provide quality content on the website.

2.Sell your photo prints:-

You may have seen the landscape pictures used in notebooks or calendars. T-shirts. Greeting cards or postcards have different photo prints on it. Ever wondered how did they reach there? All types of photography prints can be sold digitally, as well as physically. Firstly, you need an excellent printer that can produce a flawless print. Secondly, develop a website of your own where you can create a gallery of your work. Interested clients among the traffic can purchase your work from the website. Do not forget the SEO of the photographs. It would play an important role in ranking your website on Google.

3. Photography blog:-

Blogging is one of the finest ways to share knowledge on a particular topic. If you want to share skills related to photography, start a blog. Write every inch of detail you know about photography. In fact, your income would not only come from ads but also affiliate marketing. You can give affiliate links to the products related to photography including cameras and phones. You can even review the products that you use. Referral fees from the sales of these products would generate a nice income for you.

4. Sell photos to magazines:-

Illustrations in magazines are as important as the articles. We admire to see elegant photos on the cover page and inside of a magazine. If you want to publish your work in a magazine and earn, Contact publishers of the magazines you want your photos to be printed in. You may get their access from the website of the magazine or in the magazine itself.  Print your best work and mail them. Do not send many photos, just the best ones. Selection chances are high provided your work is up to the mark. Additionally, add an article related to the photograph as they are more likely to get selected.

5. Approach fashion bloggers:-

Fashion blogging especially demands high-quality photographs of the item they are writing about. In this way, readers easily understand their articles. You can approach them by visiting their blog and look under contact us. You can share your work with them. They hire you if your work is impressive.

6. Photography competitions:-

There’s a reward for the winner in every competition. There are awesome cash prizes for various photography competitions on the internet. Although it’s not steady money, it could add up to your pocket money. Notable mentions of such competitions are as follows:-

7. Teach photography:-

It’s another way to share the knowledge of photography and earn money. All you have to do is create a YouTube channel and start shooting videos.  As soon as your channel monetizes, you’d start generating income. Moreover, you can create online courses on photography and sell it on platforms like Udemy.

8. Assistant photographer:-

 Not all professional photographers can bear an enormous workload. Very often, they need a helping hand who can assist him to get the job done. This is where the role of the assistant photographer comes into play. Handling equipment, changing lenses, small lightening adjustments lies under the obligations of an Assistant photographer. You will also get work experience under a professional photographer that helps you learn more about photography.

9. Make money from photography on Instagram:-

Photographers can earn money from Instagram by selling prints, promotions, and sponsored posts. Instagram shopping can help you generate sales of your prints. A shopping bag icon appears whenever a viewer clicks on your image in a feed or IG story. It directs them to the product page where they get more information regarding the product. If interested, they can buy it from a link provided on the page. You can tag up to five products in one post and increase sales.

10. Never miss big events:-

This one is, particularly for event photographers. People search at Google for photographers required at various functions. Have an SEO optimized website with easy accessibility. Weddings, birthdays, farewells, etc,  are some functions that may require your photography expertise.

Best wishes for your photography journey!

If you’re passionate about something, you can always sort out to make a living out of it. People make money from photography, and if you’re interested too, be the next in line. 

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